Around 20 years ago, after discovering some of my old Acion Men and GI Joes in my Parents attic, a friend of mine introduced me to various toy fairs, and I then discovered Dragon Models, with their new range of 1/6th scale World War 2 figures. At the time, they were probably the best historical figures on the world market, with very accurate uniforms, and on the back of the boxes, there was a bit of history of the figure, a little bit of education.

However, what I noticed, was that all of the soft hats were all made of a soft plastic, which I thought let them down a little. So I decided to play around with some cloth and made my first hat, which was a German Army side hat. After several attempts, I managed to complete a satisfactory pattern and placed my finished product on a well known auction site. To my astonishmet, it sold instantly, this is where it all started and ONESIXTHUNIQUE was born.

We now have over 120 patterns and ship worldwide, and we are always looking for new ideas.We do encourage and welcome ideas from our customers, and we make bespoke hats if requested, if at all possible.

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