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French Hats

French Hats

F001 Foreign Legion Beret£8.00 Each

F002 French Marine Beret£8.00 Each

F003 French Commando Beret £8.00 Each

F004 French Alpine Beret£8.00 Each

F009 French Infantry Officers Kepi£13.00 Each

F008 French Legionnaire Kepi (White) £13.00 Each

F007 French Troupe Kepi£15.00

F006 French Chasseurs Kepi£15.00 Each

F005 French Legionnaire Kepi £15.00 Each

F010 68 TirailleursMarocainsKepi£15.00 Each

F011 405 D'artillerie Kepi£15.00 Each

F012 Chars de Combat Kepi£15.00 Each

F014 Troupe Aviation£15.00 Each

F013 D'Officer Marinier£15.00 Each

F015 National Liberation Army£8.00 Eacht

F016 Troupe de Forteresse Side hat£8.00 Each

F017 Soldat du 20£8.00 Each

F018 D'Officer Marinier£15.00 Each

F019 Marine Nationale£15.00 Each

F020 Fusilier Marine£15.00 Each

F021 Troupe de Forteresse Beret£8.00 Each

F022 Para 1st Battalion£9.00 Each

1/6th ScaleCustom Hand Made Hats